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Decoding Therapy

About Decoding Therapy

We hereby quote an article on the pharmaceutical industry which is the highest revenue generator in the world.

As per By Richard AndersonBusiness reporter, BBC News


“Imagine an industry that generates higher profit margins than any other and is no stranger to multi-billion dollar fines for malpractice.


Throw in widespread accusations of collusion and over-charging, and banking no doubt springs to mind.


In fact, the industry described above is responsible for the development of medicines to save lives and alleviate suffering, not the generation of profit for its own sake.


Pharmaceutical companies have developed the vast majority of medicines known to humankind, but they have profited handsomely from doing so, and not always by legitimate means.”


And this industry is growing exponentially .

In contrast yoga which has tremendous therapeutic benefit, which the modern world has realized comes at a much economical price.


In yoga, we believe that the body heals by itself and tries to achieve homeostasis. All it needs is the right postures, cleansing techniques, harmonious flow of prana and slowing down the mind, since all diseases are psychosomatic. Due to stress, modern lifestyle, bad eating habits and chemical bombardment (excess intake of medicines), we have brought down the inner natural immunity of our body. As a result the flow of prana , no more moves in the stipulated direction in the respected nadis. The manomaya kosha stays in turbulent state and the blissful sheath  is never activated.


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We , in Decoding therapy, work on all the five sheaths

  • Annamaya kosha
  • Prananmaya kosha
  • Manomaya kosha
  • Vijnamaya kosha
  • Anandmaya kosha

This is done with the help of all the techniques prescribed by Sage Patanjali in his yog sutras

  • Yama
  • Niyama
  • Asanas
  • Pranayama
  • Pratihaar
  • Dharana
  • Dhyana
  • Samadhi

The patient has just got to step in the studio at Vasant Kunj and enjoy the 6 steps towards perfect health.


These 6 steps are one hour each meetings/counseling sessions taken by us spread over three months.


In this we teach you the right techniques of asanas (with props) , pranayama and meditation , the recommended way. We also give you a soft copy (CD or a pendrive) so that you can learn the right techniques and take your journey forward towards health and prosperity.


When you practice these techniques on regular basis , the body starts healing on its own and you get rid of the costly medications.


This 6 steps towards perfect health is priced at Rs 12,000/-. In this package we provide you with all the props(app Rs 3,000.00) required for doing these asanas absolutely FREE OF COST.