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Decoding Yoga at Home

Decoding  Yoga at Home

Yoga is easy to do and does not require any special equipment or place unlike a gym routine or a special sport. You can do it at home. Practising at home can be tremendously beneficial because it allows a person to plan his exercise routine as suited to his own specific needs. In a big group the Yoga teacher cannot give personal attention to each and every student. Home yoga allows you to move at your own pace, and create a practice that best supports your needs like you may want to progress in advanced asanas or you may be looking for yoga benefits for any specific disease or any physical disability. Our daily  busy schedule may not permit us to go to a yoga class for which yoga at home  is a perfect solution. Travel time is saved. Our yoga instructor will come to your home at your convenient time. With personal attention one can progress quickly.

Our Decoding Yoga team comprises of several trained yoga instructors who are degree holders too from reputed yoga institutions who provide their services in the comfort zone of your home at reasonable prices whatever the age and gender in Delhi and NCR. Our Charges vary according to timing and frequency of class.


Main benefits of Home Yoga :

Yoga with Props: The use of props makes asanas easy to perform. One can hold the posture for a long time without strain. Correct alignment of body is maintained. Props may be used by those who wish to conserve their energy because of injury , illness or fatigue. Challenging asanas can be performed with effortless effort. Props like non-slip mats, chair, wooden blocks, foam blocks, bolsters, stool, blankets and straps are used.


Therapeutic Yoga for Ailments: Yoga should be included in daily life by people suffering from several ailments like lower back pain, osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease, depression, diabetes, blood pressure etc. We provide therapeutic yoga based on sequencing of selected yoga postures ably adapted by using props and supports. It can be used effectively along with conventional medicine. One can feel remarkable changes in the physical and mental state which is the beginning of the healing process.

Therapeutic Yoga Therapy

We  give yoga therapy according to ailments like:

  • Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Yoga for Hypertension
  • Yoga for Arthritis
  • Yoga for Obesity
  • Yoga for Backpain and Cervical pain
  • Yoga for Diabetes
  • Yoga for Gastro Intestinal Disorders
  • Yoga for Menstrual Problems

Yogic Management of Obesity : We have fallen into some deadly lifestyle traps – we snack at odd times on chocolates chips and cookies, sleep past midnight  and then wake up at odd hours in the morning and then we always seem to be in a rush throughout the day. The combination of sedentary lifestyle, smoking, stress, unhealthy eating habits, inadequate relaxation has made obesity most harmful ailment today. These days child obesity has become a major cause of concern leading to heart ailments, cancer, arthritis and diabetes. Fat cells gained in childhood stay in adulthood. People need to understand that health is our true wealth and prevention is better than cure. Home yoga is a natural alternative for weight reduction through asanas, pranayama, diet plan and  adopting healthy lifestyle.

Yoga for Students: Young children are also facing tremendous stress in their daily school life. Once in university students face the challenge of realizing their true potential and moulding their personality. Decoding Yoga through its yogic methods helps the students to follow a fitness regime which helps them to cope with the stress and also shapes their physical, mental and spiritual well being. It also makes them realize the importance of slowing down in the rat race of life where wellbeing of body-mind mechanism has taken a backseat after work and studies. Daily practice of yoga for an hour has a positive impact for the rest of the day. A student who practices yoga will find that his mind stays calm and his intellect sharpens. He can focus on his studies well and his analytical and judgement powers improve.

Prenatal Yoga : We provide prenatal yoga classes to  pregnant women to stay in good shape.  There is no other better way to prepare for childbirth than with yoga. It tones muscles and joints, improves blood circulation and gives strength, stability and stamina. She remains emotionally calm and happy. Prenatal yoga teaches a woman to connect with the baby. She experiences less labour pains and for a shorter duration. Chances of complications are less.


Charges :  15000 INR per person

1000 per extra person